Water & Wastewater Infrastructure

Mark Thomas team members are experienced in supporting the development of water and wastewater infrastructure. Our land surveyors and structural engineers provide services to utility purveyors and other design professionals for water, wastewater, and recycled water pipelines; lift stations and pump stations, reservoirs, and water/wastewater treatment plants.

Freeport Regional Water Project Surveying

Sacramento County, CA

Mark Thomas provided surveying and mapping services for the Freeport Regional Water Project, consisting of a new intake structure and pumping plant located on the Sacramento River, a 17-mile long discharge pipeline (84-inch and 66-inch-diameter), and a new, mile-long, 66-inch-diameter pipeline. We completed aerial control surveys, topographic surveys, utility surveys, and right of way retracement surveys. Our surveyors provided appraisal mapping and legal descriptions for acquisitions along the project corridor.

Advanced Recycled Water Treatment Facility Surveying

Santa Clara, CA

Mark Thomas provided surveying and mapping services for the Advanced Recycled Water Treatment Facility, including topographic surveys of the 108-inch South Bay Water Recycling system diversion pipeline and a surface-utility survey of the proposed pipeline extension corridor, the location of structures and improvements along the 36-inch influent line that ran from the proposed facility site to the existing treatment plant, the 12-inch backwash waste line, and a survey of the proposed 4-acre facility site. The Advanced Recycled Water Treatment Facility will treat secondary effluent from the existing wastewater treatment plant with advanced tertiary treatment to produce high-purity effluent.

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