Active Transportation

Mark Thomas is an industry leader in developing multimodal complete streets and active transportation projects. Through our work with cities, county agencies, and Caltrans, we have accumulated an expansive knowledge base and project portfolio specifically geared toward improving access, connectivity, and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Guadalupe River Trail Master Plan

San Jose, CA

Mark Thomas developed a master plan for the remaining 5-mile stretch to complete the Guadalupe River Trail. Once implemented, it will complete a 20-mile unbroken trail along a natural riparian corridor from the foothills south of San Jose, through downtown and ultimately connecting to the Bay Trail. The master plan provides the background and analysis necessary to proceed with the design of the Class 1 trail in reaches or in its entirety as funding is available, and serve as a vehicle for acquiring funding for design and construction of the trail and associated amenities.

US 50/Watt Avenue Interchange

Sacramento, CA

Mark Thomas designed modifications to the interchange, including widening and retrofitting the existing Watt Avenue Overcrossing of US 50. Watt Avenue is a major arterial in Sacramento County; it is one of a few crossings of the American River and was planned to become a multi-modal corridor with enhanced bicycle/pedestrian facilities and bus rapid transit (BRT) facilities. By widening the overcrossing, we were able to include a first of its kind ribbon path - a grade-separated Class 1 bicycle path through the interchange. The path now provides bicyclists and pedestrians the ability to move safely and freely through the interchange without points of conflict with vehicular traffic.

Carlsbad Boulevard/Tamarack Avenue Intersection Improvements

Carlsbad, CA

Mark Thomas prepared a feasibility study for intersection improvements at Carlsbad Boulevard and Tamarack Avenue. This intersection is the main access to popular Carlsbad State Beach (otherwise known as Tamarack Beach). Tamarack Beach is an important local amenity for the community and the intersection is the only access to the beach and parking lot. This results in significant vehicular traffic congestion at the intersection as well as high volumes of bicyclists and pedestrians. We developed conceptual alternatives to improve the intersection and closely considered pedestrian and bicycle access through the intersection to ensure entry to the beach was not prohibited.

Grand Boulevard Initiative

San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, CA

The Grand Boulevard Initiative (GBI) vision is to have El Camino Real (Route 82) achieve its full potential as a place for residents to work, live, shop and play by creating links between communities that promote walking, bicycling and transit use. Mark Thomas has worked with cities on multiple GBI projects to revitalize the El Camino Real corridor, from conceptual design through PS&E and construction support. Design goals included complete street concepts, green infrastructure design, and aesthetic improvements.

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