"Mark Thomas will work with you, not just for you, in order to make every project successful."

Our approach is formed by our goal to develop context-sensitive solutions through collaboration, creativity, flexibility, respect, fairness, transparency, accountability, and ownership. We are dedicated to not just the end product, but the process itself.

Mark Thomas is more than a planning and design firm. We are a company that believes in the power of connection. Whether that’s person-to-person, or person-to-their-surroundings, we bring a unique approach to each challenge. We believe that projects are about people, not just deliverables, which means bringing our teams, clients, and communities together to address challenges and find solutions. When you see the Mark Thomas logo attached to a project, you will know that it is a project defined by experience and thoughtfulness, in both execution and design.

About Us

Combining technical skills with a thorough understanding of a project’s physical, human, environmental, and political dynamics is the essence of what we do. Since 1927, we have provided land surveying, engineering, urban design, and landscape architectural services that have set the stage for countless California roadways, structures, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, parks, communities, and flood control and utility systems.