Updated Project Schedule

  • County Board of Supervisors Meeting Presentation to review the project - Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 at 9:00AM

  • TAC Meeting #3 - Thursday, March 5th, 2009 at 1:30PM (City of Chico Council Conference Room No. 1)

  • Public workshop #2 - Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 at 5:30PM (City of Chico Council Conference Room No. 1)
    Public Workshop #2 Exhibits, attendance sheets, as well as the meeting agenda have been posted to the Project Documents page.
  • Project Background/History

    The City of Chico (City) is working to prepare a Project Study Report (PSR) for the State Route 99/Southgate Avenue interchange.  The purpose of a PSR is to identify and evaluate alternative designs that would meet the design year requirements of an interchange and identify the alternative(s) that should be carried into the Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) phase.  The PSR would be used as a Plan Line Study to set the footprint for the interchange to allow the city to provide proposed development with the right of way requirements.

    As a part of the work for the Skyway Interchange, it has been determined that the Interchange geometrics with the existing four-lane overcrossing will not provide acceptable traffic operations to year 2018.  Options for improving the Skyway Interchange operations are to either widen the Skyway overcrossing to six-lanes or to provide improvements to the Southgate/SR99 intersection.  This PSR for the Southgate Interchange will provide the analysis for determination of the required improvements to have the SR99/Skyway interchange operate at acceptable levels of service.

    The State Route/Southgate Avenue Intersection and Circulation Study was commissioned in 1999 to identify the location of the future interchange and connections of the local circulation system to the interchange.  The study objectives were to:

    • Identify a preferred interchange design and location;
    • Develop improvement alternatives that addressed existing and future roadway
    • Integrate local circulation improvements with planned and approved
    • Integrate public involvement and participation in the development of
      recommended roadway improvements; and
    • Reach a consensus among local jurisdictions, residents, and businesses within the study area on future roadway improvements.

    Public participation in the study was encouraged and three public open houses were held to gain input and present the recommended interim and ultimate circulation improvements.  In addition, a Study Advisory Committee was formed and included representatives from public agencies (Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG), Butte County supervisors, Butte County staff, Caltrans, City of Chico), local residents, and business owners (Norfield Industries, Smucker Quality Beverage).

    The current project uses information compiled in the 1999 study as the basis for the PSR.

    Project Exhibits and Public Meeting documents may be seen here.

    Project Purpose & Need

    • Provide improved connectivity from SR99 to Midway and Skyway
    • Reduce traffic delays on Southgate, State Route 99, and Skyway
    • Remove existing signalized intersection at SR99/Southgate and replacing right in/right out access at Estates Drive.  Access to Entler Drive will be maintained.  Due to traffic projections, a four lane eastbound arterial connection will be needed to connect to the Southgate Interchange.  Entler Drive was initially explored as one of a number of alternatives for this four lane connection, but this option is no longer being actively persued.
    • Set footprint for ultimate roadway improvements
    • Set right of way requirements for future developments

    Technical Advisory Committee

    The City of Chico has set up a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the project.  TAC committee members include representatives from the City, Butte County, BCAG, Town of Paradise, and Caltrans along with local business owners and residents.  The TAC allows for members to provide specific input on the project in a more formal setting.  A total of three TAC meetings have already been held, with a fourth meeting set for 1:30PM March 5th, 2009 (City of Chico Council Conference Room No. 1).

    Project Timeline

    The traffic analysis is pending approval, the geometrics are being refined, and preliminary environmental studies are being prepared.